Eolian Empire


Back in 1996, a weird individual from the backwoods of Kelso, Washington, settled down in Portland, Oregon, and soon began appearing at house parties all over the area, assaulting the audiences with his harsh kind of “music”, along the way picking up the nickname of Redneck.


I found but very little info on this Portland, Oregon based trio of Punk/ Sludge/ Thrash mongers. The line-up is comprised of Sethro on guitar and vocals, Booze on guitar and vocals (and the band's lyricist), and KG on drums and also on vocals, and the dudes started playing together as far back as 2003, with the intend to bring a mixture of Spacemen 3's droned-out minimalist psychedelics with Man Is The Bastard's Powerviolence.


Diesto is a doom rock band from Portland, Oregon. With well more than a decade of experience, the band embarked on a mission to write and record music (like every musician). But I don’t believe they really made an impact in Europe, during al those years of touring and releasing records.

In The meanwhile, they have arrived at their fifth LP/CD: “For Water Or Blood”, witch turned out to be melancholic doom (witch reminds me a bit of Mastodon)


Honduran is a 3-piece grind core metal band situated in Portland. However, Corey (bass/vocals) is from Phoenix, AZ. Jason (guitar/vocals) is from Winchester, VA. Kevin (drums/no vocals) is from Alpena, MI. But now hey all live in Portland. I have to say, that this is definitely not a mainstream band in every aspect. Their music, their sound, their looks and even their Facebook profile. To explain it a bit more, this is a band I would go see in a squatted building, and that’s exactly how they sound.

Drunk Dad

These are the kind of CDs that I dislike to review. Not because Morbid Reality is a bad CD. It isn't. But rather because, despite the fact that this is an obviously talented band, that the cdep is professionally produced and that the 4 tracks here are adequately entertaining, Druk Dad just never grabbed me. Portland-based D.I.Y. Noisemongers DD are a quartet who mix crushing riffs, odd time signatures, spastic guitar lines and pummelling dysrhythms.

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