Hypnagoga Press


Exactly three years after the release of the debut album Orgelhuset, Swedish duo Hymnambulae returned with their sophomore full length album, Nausikaa. Hymnambulae is a project by the siblings Åsa and Pär Boström, who both run the small yet very fine label Hypnagoga Press. And it is their own label that also released this second studio recording under the Hymnambulae moniker.


Pär Boström is known from truly great projects like Cities Last Broadcast, Kammarheit, Altarmang (which he runs in partnership with Kenneth Hansson) or Hymnambulae (with his twin sister Åsa), as well as the Cryo Chamber Collaboration line-up, but apparently he is the guy behind Aindulmedir too. The latter is an outfit which he describes as a project that creates winter music for bibliophiles and hermits.


I recognize Pär Boström’s name from the (great) Cities Last Broadcast project (expect a review on The Humming Tapes, released via Simon Heath’s Cryo Chamber label, in a very near future). But apparently he and his twin sister, Åsa, have a mutual project going on as well, called Hymnambulae, as well as a new label, Hypnagoga Press.

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