The Drip

If the longest track on a 6 song ep is  2’.27” then one conclusion can already be that we’re not talking about a Doom Metal band…..

Red Fang

Red Fang entered the game in 2009 with their self titled debut, formed by Bryan G., Aaron B., David S., John S., quickly establishing themselves on the world’s underground scene as a powerful riff machine. Early shows with Helmet and Crowbar gained respect from crouds, press and peers alike, showcasing a fresh, soulful and high octane live rock experience


Revocation’s fourth album is a fair slab of modern thrash metal from USA.  This album got a production of nice quality, heavy and stomping, and generally the band sound fairly good even though the vocals can appear quite less inspired Phil Anselmo like at times. Musically the outcome is not too bad, just quite unsurprising to say the least. While it may be difficult to point out any blatantly copied elements, you cannot avoid a recurring sense of déja-vu every now and then.


No remorse and no regret is carved in the minds of all those taking part of the extreme metal ways of impressive US gore death outfit Exhumed. All of the elements that made Exhumed previous outings such a noxious joy are present and encountered for.

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