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The Gaslight Anthem

Well last acquaintance with this band was for the review (posted 11/02/2012) of their iTunes Session EP, and as that was also the band's introduction to Concrete Web, I gave you a complete history of the band up to that point.

The Horrible Crowes

Oh my, talk about milking out successful events! In late 2010, Brian Fallon (lead singer/ guitarist of The Gaslight Anthem) and his guitar tech Ian Perkins got together to write songs together for a side-project of theirs, which he announced as concentrating “...on the dark side of soul music...”. In essence, they were writing some singer-songwriter songs with somewhat darker lyrics, and the two headed to a studio to record a total of 12 original songs.

Xavier Rudd

Xavier Rudd might sound familiar to your ears. He's a multitalented Australian singer-songwriter and a strong environmental activist. As a direct consequence, the songs he produces are mostly society bound. He uses his music as a tool to stand up for the Aboriginees he cares so much about and to prevail our vulnerable Mother Earth. Also on his latest piece of music, which goes by the name of Spirit Bird, these elements are clearly present and thoroughly worked out.

Title Fight

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania has always been the breeding ground for many hardcore punk bands. Just think of Cold World, Stick Together, Dead End Path and many others. After some European tours, an American tour supporting Rise Against and countless shows across the American nation, Title Fight released their third full-length, called Floral Green.

Xavier Rudd

I first came across this relatively prolific (this is his 7th studio album since 2002's To Let – not counting two live albums, that means he comes with a new album every two years) Australian singer/ songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist “World Music” artist thanks to his previous album Koonyun Sun, which was released through the elitist Anti- label (review posted...somewhere in April 2010, I guess – I am quite unable to check that at the time of writing, and forgot to do so when I would've been able to).

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