Sacred Dominions / Hadak urA

Location: East-Anglia, Albion, U.K. (Sacred Dominions) / Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S. (Hadak urA)

Members: Shadows (song-writing & lyrics, instruments & vocals, mix; Sacred Dominions) / Koppany Geczy (instruments & vocals, song-writing & mix; Hadak urA)

Mix: Shadows & Koppany Geczy

Mastering: K (master-mind behind the label)

Empty Pool / Carrion

I’m not sure, yet I think I never wrote a review for Seatle-based Noise-label Imploding Sounds before. A pity, for this netlabel does house quite some fine and/or ‘popular’ artists: Lord Cernunnos, TAB IN/TAB OUT, Juanito))), RDKPL and many, many more. But anyway, now I will, because of (1) the qualitative high-level roster behind this label (they are always worth being mentioned somehow) and because of (2) both projects involved within this split.

Disinter / Disinter

This was a nice batch – three releases in a row via Pest Records that involve Disinter. Yet then again, which one are we talking about? I think there at least seven or eight Death Metal bands with that name. Well, actually, on November 14th 2022, we had a new full-length by the Chicago-based Disinter, called Breaker Of Bones. A review will (probably) follow soon (or at least: sooner or later).

Wampyric Rites / Funeral Fullmoon

Inferna Profundus Records is a label from Lithuania, dedicated to the Underground scene of the worldwide Black Metal community. The label houses bands and projects from all over our marvelous globe, with a focus on both new material as well as reissues of material that needs and deserves any additional support. Hey, count me in!

Act Of Entropy & Zebulon Kosted

A gathering of two, well, how would I call it, eh, ‘different’ or ‘unusual’ entities…

Never mind; why should I search for certainty or familiarity, seen from the aural spectrum behind / beyond this ‘musical’ void anyway. Opposites do attract each other, yet so do creatures that are different -and therefor related- from ‘acceptance’ or ‘admission’, sharing a mutual identity for audible divergence and sonic aberration. …which easily takes me to this remarkable split, nicely called Shaping Fatal Principles.

Human Sins / Blood Of Mankind

Due to professional and health issues, I didn’t have the time / energy to write reviews for a long time – way too long. But even-though some releases I did receive in the recent past are, well, like ‘old’, I try to make it up for all those recordings that are worth being supported in any way. This goes for specific recordings, as well as some labels that do ‘deserve’ my attention and support.

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