Act Of Entropy

Album Title: 
Abyssal Esurience
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Act Of Entropy is a project by Pan, a dedicated Underground musician and promotor, and his partner (in crime) (who prefers to remain sort of anonymous). The project was formed four years ago or so, and exist ‘to explore the boundaries of what we can do’. The duo did record a hand full of releases in the past (i.e. demonstrational recordings and stuff), and about one year ago they did digitally release the Abyssal Esurience EP. Even-though it was finished and published one year ago (and a couple of days), I still want it to bring to mind. The duo is working on new material, so this might be like some prequel, tribute, whatever, while impatiently awaiting the next effort.

Abyssal Esurience consists (once more) of four, eh, ‘songs’ (hehe, what a lapsus), clocking about twenty-four minutes. It is instrumental stuff (no live-recorded vocals involved) that trespasses / exceeds / overwhelms / ignores all limitations and borders of Music – damn, did I mention ‘music’? This is sonic experimentalism, going way beyond the definition of ‘music’.

This release was conceived as some aural expression of an existential question that disturbed both members’ grey cells. A photon, you know, that slimmest matter of physical existence, that would evolve somehow, that would ‘exist’ as fundamental matter, what about its character or entity when being confronted by / with a black-hole-confrontation. Would it influence / been influenced by dimensions of time, space or physical matter? These fundamental questions – at least, that’s what I think – resulted in this soundtrack of frenzy, disturbing, questioning and psychedelic noise.

What can I explain to describe this stuff. Well, it is like an amalgam of a thousand different genres and at least as much symbiotic approaches, going from Acid-Jazz over Prog Rock to Avantgarde Metal, injected by Psychedelica, Kraut Rock, Industrial, Shred Metal, Cyber-Death, Shoegaze, Mathcore and Drone. Damn yes, it is, and more.

Actually, these, eh, well, let’s call it ‘songs’ for they do have a title; so, these songs are based on purely frenzy guitar-riffs – and string-rape – as basement. Indeed, the better part comes with totally disturbing, discordant guitar ‘melodies’ as foundation for the core-structures. Don’t expect fine-tuned melodic rhythms or atmospheric melodious riffs; you won’t get some at all. It’s brutalizing string-violence that acts as basic product; imagine We Hate You Too reinterpreted by Mister Zorn, or Code been (ab)used by Ephel Duath. All this gets penetrated with weird samples and noises, eccentric percussion efforts and molestating piano armageddon, psychotropic and neurotic hooks, and an overload of decrepit intoxication, haywired dissonance, and recalcitrant structures – aural schizophrenia it is indeed!

Abyssal Esurience demands conviction, bravery and a twisted mind to get ‘enjoyed’ by the listener. A lunatic and insane mental state of mind can help as well, hehe. No, seriously, despite a totally berserk song-writing and an even crazier execution, this material sort of creates an abstract, and at the same time, a surreal, cerebral satisfaction, and each listen reveals new, previously unexplored sonic dimensions. A love-it-or-hate-it recording, but give it a try (or some tries) and who knows; maybe you might be lunatic subconsciously, and you might adore this sonic madness.