Album Title: 
Lights From Oblivion
Release Date: 
Friday, April 27, 2012
Review Type: 

According to the promotional information, this band, who were formed in 1987 in Milan, is different from the rest of the Italian scene, offering prog metal elements, some gloom death references and gothic atmospheres.

Well, in a world where this is standard, especially in the Italian scène, I have a hard time seeing how this is new or special? Their vocalist is a good singer, but oh boy, does he sound uninspired. His performance is without any spark of fire… Adramelch’s music never totally descends into failure, it's just that it never really ascends into spellbinding greatness either.

Being technically able to perform and having a few interesting parts is just not good enough, with so much great music out there. Though not a terrible record, you could use your hard earned money on a lot of better things.