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Monday, February 3, 2014
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Amberjacks a Dutch band playing Psychedelic rock. The current members are Jack Westenberg (Vocals / Guitar), Jeroen Ansems (Guitar), Brian Frederiks, (Bass) and Gavin Harte (Drums).

Amberjacks their debut album a self-release. First of all the first track “Prologue” I don’t know what it does but on my thought a 21 second filling space. But the second track “Manic” starts very groovy with some nice raw guitar riff and a nice rocking voice. Only psychedelic rock they said. No way this is also rock, what I say heavy rock with some parts of 60’ and 70’ rock’n’roll. Straight old rock with a modern look to music. Forth track a slower one “Black Waters” nice, raw, and sensitive and sounds very great with some nice guitar solo in the middle. And then “Catch’em alive“ a real stoner/rock number with a great  old rock solo on guitar and a great bass piece. Trying some new thing that’s the spirit. I like this cd, if you love some rock, psych and stoner rock buy this album!