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Friday, August 16, 2013
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Founded in Haugesund (and currently residing in Oslo), during June 2001, Arabrot became an instant outsider in the Metal scene of their home country Norway, seeing as their Noise Rock (according to the band, mainly inspired by the likes of Melvins, The Birthday Party, and Swans) differed somewhat from the Black Metal which dominated back then! However, through sheer perseverance and successful live shows, the band [then consisting of mainstays K:N (actual name Kjetil Nernes; guitar & vocals) and Marakel (percussionist Vidar Evensen), with Sofus K (Kristian Kallevik) on bass until 2003, and Deadly Nightshade (Jon Övstedal on keyboard, guitar, and bass since 2003; until 2010).

Ärabrot had its first smaller releases (2001's single Marionettes/ Bogus Boogie, 2002's single Adding D To anger, and 2003's 12-inch EP Rogues Gallery) out on Safe As Milk, before singing to Norway Cat Records (who released the band's debut 2005 CD Proposing A Pact With Jesus, the 7-inch single Moneyshot, 2006's sophomore CD RepRep [re-issued in 2009 on double 12-inch by Urquiaona Records] and 7-inch HGSD, and 2009's The Brother Seed album – which was produced by none other than Steve Albini – and Absolutenegativism EP), before turning to their current label, Fysisk Format (starting with the 2009 I Rove EP, they next re-issued The Brother Seed on LP; 2010 saw the release of 4th full-length Revenge and The Wretched Child 7-inch; 2011 was started with a split release 12-inch with Okkultokrati, the band's 5th full-length Solar Anus, and the 7-inch Madonna Was A Whore; in 2012 came the 12-inch EP Maesscr, and this year started with the release of a split 7-inch with RabbitsÄrabrot's song on that is off the current album, by the way!).

As mentioned before, the band went from being opposed and ridiculed by the reigning Norwegian Black Metal scene, to being respected. In 2009, Ärabrot saw their album The Brother Seed nominated in the Metal category of the Norwegian Spellemannprisen award, and in 2012 they wón that award for the album Solar Anus. Also in 2009, the singer started a side-project with Stian Skagen of concept.virus (to date, they have released two albums on Fysisk Format: 2009's Ad Undas, and 2011's Confession), and in return Skagen has contributes electronics to the Ärabrot sound. Also, what with Deadly Nightshade departing in 2010, the band fell back on the basic duo, and has “hired” outsider bass players for live purposes. These including Äse Bredeli Röyset from Deathcrush during 2011, and Emil Nikolaisen of Serena Maneesh (he produced some of their earlier work...the second album, If I ain't mistaken) and Magnus Nymo of Fork and Redd have also fallen in when necessary (the first since 2010, the latter since 2011).

The band's sound is a diverse mixture of Noise Rock, Sludge and Doom Metal, with vocals which go from an almost-whisper to more “extreme” types of singing, and you can get an earful of that at the band's page at (www.) (their label), both in audio and video (still, only videos “Arrabal's Dream” - a colaboration with Kylesa's Laura Pleasants – and “Blood On Bunny” are from the new album)...and there's some more video at (www.) Seek it out, and enjoy!