Album Title: 
Seasons Change
Release Date: 
Friday, February 28, 2014
Review Type: 

Leader of this new band is none other than Alexander Oriz, who’s the guitarist in Reinxeed, but has also founded  a band named after his own name Oriz.  Other musicians in this band are Chris David on bass, also known from Reinxeed, aswell as Simon Jonsonn, who toured with Reinxeed and finally Emil Eriksson, known from Oriz and JD Miller.

The vocals were handled by a bunch of guest vocalist, a bit like in Avantasia, among them Tommy Reinxeed, Mikel Dahl, Mike Andersson, but also Snowy Shaw, and the list goes on.  There’s even one female vocalist among them Matilda Eriksson, but her name will only ring a bell with people living in Sweden or having access to Sweden’s TV4.

What these guys brings is basically power metal, nothing more, nothing less.  What is sad though is that with such a score of talented musicians, this album has nothing special to offer.  The music is good, buts is thirteen in a dozen music, and will not be remembered for very long.  It’ agreeable to listen to, but to say that five or ten years time I will still be replaying this album..   Nah, I guess not.