Blackwitch Pudding

Album Title: 
Taste the Pudding
Release Date: 
Sunday, October 6, 2013
Review Type: 

Blackwitch Pudding’s debut cd has been out for some time already but only now has found its way to our reviews. If you like the sound of one song on this 7 track cd you're bound to like them all. This band is slave to the distorted monstrous claustrophobic riff and guitars buzz in an emphatic low-tuned blur, surprisingly reliable groovy drumming, brief bursts of speed, mid-tempo marches and a narcotic-dazed delirium pervading the slower passages. There’s some damn good tunes on here with wacky titles that I dread to think where the ideas came from that include “Supersluts from outer space”, “Swampgas of the Nevermizer” and “Acid castle mountain top”.