Cardinals Folly

Album Title: 
Our cult continues
Release Date: 
Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Review Type: 

As from opener ”Chant of shadows” it’s clear what to expect…. Doom metal without any frills.  These Fins have  approached doom metal in its purest from,  one drummer one guitarist one bass player  who also takes care of   the vocals albeit it that he is definitely not the next Wino nor even Lee Dorian to be fair .  A power trio that’s the line-up and that’s what you hear.  If you want musical comparisons, well think Cathedral (forest of equilibrium), Reverend Bizzare and why not Penance.   Absolute best tracks on this album  are “Black Baroness” and the title track “Our cult continues”. Both tracks are a fine display of what this band is capable off, a heavy grooving pumping bass, a  low badass riffing guitar and  a drummer which glues it all together….  DOOM purists out there, check”em out.