Crystal Ball

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Friday, November 29, 2013
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The Swiss band Crystal Ball is a power/heavy metal band that once again surfaces. Following a 6 year hiatus, a new album "Dawnbreaker" was finally released this year. Their sound can best be described as a blend of classic Heavy Metal, euro-Rock and melodic Power Metal. But this album reminds me the most of bands like Firewind, if that helps to compare them to something you know.

To be honest I expected more of a band that returns after so many years. Sure it has its funny moments (the intro), some not to shabby riffs/leads,…but this album doesn’t make an impact. And that’s where it ends actually. I could not bare myself to listen to this record longer than just 4 or 5 songs. It just sounds lame and powerless.

This is just a mediocre record that probably only fans will know/learn to appreciate.