Dead Season

Album Title: 
Dusting The Rust
Release Date: 
Friday, April 4, 2014
Review Type: 

Self-released  EP of this French band who claim to mix thrash with extreme and  progressive elements. 

What I am hearing is  indeed well-executed  thrash  with plenty of room for indeed complex rhythms and  some adventurous arrangements ( listen to the movie like vocals in opener inner battle ) ,  musical  references  can be found in the likes com Megadeth (lead guitars  on “Ingestible max”  and why not  Nevermore (no Warrel Dane on vocals… ) and a less complex watchtower.  Odd one out on this EP – but at the same time it shows the band’s willingness to experiment- is the 5th and last track “Zombies” are swinging, where the band are joined  ban a jazz big band. If this successful or not, I’ leave that to those of you interested enough to get hold of a copy of  Dusting the dust.