English Dogs

Album Title: 
The Thing With Two Heads
Release Date: 
Monday, July 28, 2014
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The  early days of English Dog go back to the very early 80’s, when they were an exponent for a style of punk which started to show some moderate metallic influences something they shared with GBH and Discharge.  As years went on English Dogs  choose to opt for a more metal approach as where the aforementioned other examples opted to stick to there punk roots….,In all fairness I believe that would possibly have the better choice for English Dogs as well….  Fact being that as the more they headed into the direction of Thrash metal, the more it became clear that the band just did not gain the same level of response in mainland Europe when compared with shit load of US bands and the first generation German thrash bands…. In 1987 the band released  what’s was probable their most adventurous release  “ where legend began“ which  must have been one of the first  thrash concept album’s ever.. still it did not  put the band  on the map to the  level that back then band and label were hoping for…  The band stubborn as they are (must be the punk roots) did continue well into the nineties in  one form or another  without making  real waves…  And now  2014 English Dogs are back with “The thing with two heads“ a new album and unfortunately it shows the same shortfalls as their earlier work , there is just not enough song writing skills present in the band to make this new release  a good and consistent album.