Album Title: 
Black Moon Rising
Release Date: 
Friday, June 6, 2014
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Falconer began after the splitting up of the viking metal band Mithotyn. Guitarist Stefan Weinerhall wanted to continue making folk-influenced metal music, but with clean vocals instead of the harsh style used in Mithotyn. In 1999 he began recording demo tapes, performing the guitar and bass lines himself, while using a drum machine and playing the vocal melodies on guitar.

When recording a full demo tape, he chose the name Falconer and enlisted the help of Mathias Blad as a session vocalist for the demo. Mattias had never sung for a rock or metal band before, and in fact was enjoying a relativley succesful career as a stage singer. Ofcourse we are a few years, line up changes and albums later, and to me this is a 50/50 record. I love the style and sound, but i really hate the vocals wish seem misplaced and copy/pasted.