Album Title: 
Live Is All
Release Date: 
Saturday, October 3, 2015
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I knew this band existed, but had never heard any work of them before, despite the fact they have

been around for some 25 years already.  So my first meeting with them, so to speak, is this, a live album recorded during their ‘Inject The Venom Tour’ which started in March 2014.  It was recorded during the SOS Festival in Manchester, Radcliffe, UK. When I started listening to this album, I was so to speak teleported back in time to the humble beginnings of NWOBHM on the European continent.  And why ?  Because the style this band plays in, has, so it seems, not changed a bit since this music started making a name for itself on the continent, bringing us countless bands, many of whom only survived for a few years. One of the features many, if not most French bands of that era had, were the high-pitched vocals, just think of bands like Warning, Satan Jokers, H-Bomb and you know what I mean.  Gang is no exception to this. As I stated before, what they bring us is old school heavy metal, and when playing this, it reminded me of the countless bands that in that era featured on the Neat Records compilation albums. The quality of the band featured on these albums was various, ranging from very good – in my eyes that was, to mediocre or even bad. My conclusion : If you like this style/band, no problem, buy the album, if howerer like me you’re a bit more pickish in your choice, this might be nothing for you.  I then prefer to play a real old Grim Reaper of Savage album.