Album Title: 
Back To Where You’ve Never Been
Release Date: 
Monday, April 22, 2013
Review Type: 

Hailing from France, Hacride is another entry into the alternative metal field. Hacride take sheer musical force and commanding vocals to new heights. Intricate guitar work collides with masterful tempo changes, the rhythmic patterns are furious yet inventive in their splendour. Luiss Roux’ vocals are an additional strongpoint as they fit in with their sound perfectly, but hopefully he will restrain his singing a little bit, less is more. The band's versatility shines through on every track and the band is able to pull each song off without sounding like any. The band sound tight and there is a little more space in the tracks allowing some of them to breathe, check out the slightly slower pace for chugs of “Requiem of a lullaby”.  The result is an album that's impactful, ferocious and relentlessly aggressive, but with enough catchy chops and variety to hold the listener's interest past the first four tracks. This is conceived with the pit fans in mind, featuring plenty of nasty bits with which to skank about the floor, while also providing blast beats to cut loose and go ballistic.