Iron Hearse

Album Title: 
Get In The Hearse
Release Date: 
Friday, May 3, 2013
Review Type: 

Here's an interesting one. Iron Hearse is a UK band whose sound is much akin to older Fu Manchu, Sheavy, The Obsessed and a doomier Orange Goblin. Get in the Hearse kicks off with a nice up-tempo “Wolf clergy” with cow-bell, which is followed by one of the prize tracks of this album, “A slow and heavy ride”  God, what a memorable-like riff here and also the rest of the guitar work, showing Grant at his fiery best.. “Ain’t no new thing” , “Vessel of Astaroth” and “Orion’s sword” become a return to good ol’ fashioned stoner rock with sweaty, boozy hooks, butt-shaking rhythms. The music is not the most original thing in the world, but the enjoy ability factor more than makes up for that. There’s a distinct Wino/Dave Chandler/Victor Griffin and ofcourse Tony Iommi type feel in "Hydra’s children" and “Black sermon” while the stand out track "The ultimate atomic man" resembles early less psych Electric Wizard stuff. None of the songs stand head–and–shoulders above the others, but all are enjoyable and worth inclusion on this disc. Iron Hearse is definitely entertaining, perfect for when you want something fat and heavy to come blasting out your speakers.