John Wesley

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Monday, March 31, 2014
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John Wesley, also known as Wes Dearth, is an American singer, songwriter and guitar player. His career began in the early 1980s. Played many time as opening act for Peter Frampton / Lynyrd Skynyrd / Marrillion’s tour. He played with Marillion as their live guitarist and joined them in their European tour in May 2013.

After 7 studio albums, 3 singles and 9 live releases “Disconnect” his 8th studio album. Recorded his album with: Dean Tidey / guitars, Mark Prator / drums, Patrick Bettison / bass and Geri X / backing vocals also with Alex Lifeson (Rush) / guitar on "Once A Warrior". The album has many of the same elements of his previous work; Lyrical depth, song orientation. Also Wesley has a melodic voice with passion and sense. Maybe this album is darker but isn’t bad at all. Starts with “Connect” a sensitive song with a weeping guitar solo. My favorite is “How Goes The war” fluctuates between almost heavy metal riffing and melancholy & atmospheric post rock sounds. This is a must have album from a veteran that makes his own music and sound.