Album Title: 
Abra Kadavar
Release Date: 
Friday, April 12, 2013
Review Type: 

Intensive touring within Holland and Belgium and one album release explain why Kadavar are so well known in the Benelux stoner scene. Abra Kadavar, the band’s second album, is a rush of adrenaline throughout its entire duration. This disc finally realizes the potential of Lupus Lindemann – vocals & guitar, Mammut – bass and Tiger – drums on the hauntingly retro sound of the previous album, the band decides to flesh out the sound with a bit more Hawkwind-like space punch. Kadavar’s approach isn't particularly novel, but it works extremely well. The songs are firey and catchy but warm and inviting. They have taken their song writing ability to the next level and created an album that will not soon be leaving my player. It captures you entirely, gets you racing and leaves you satisfied.