Kill For Eden

Album Title: 
Living On Mars EP
Release Date: 
Monday, November 18, 2013
Review Type: 

Kill For Eden a 4 piece London based rock group. The band is based around lead singer Lyla D’Souza’s powerful but tuneful vocals. Members are: Lyla D'Souza (vocals), Dave Garfield (Guitars), Andrea Basiola (Guitars), Wally MMiroshnikov (Drums) and Mike McGuiness (Bass).

First time I’m hearing their album I blown away from the voice over Lyla. She can combine Screams to soulful introspection and blues. “Living On Mars” is so awesome sounds like a Zepplin-song,  great guitar riffs and the chorus will your feet tapping on the ground. “The Dome” Starts with a very protecting / soft voice but then, the hell explode right in your face! What a voice! Great EP, wants to hear more of them…