Killers Lodge

Album Title: 
Unnecessary I
Release Date: 
Friday, January 31, 2014
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Killer Lodge raised out “Raza de Odio” previous band of Johan KillerBob in 2011. Members are: John KillerBob (voice, bass guitar), Olly Razorback (guitars) and Christo Machete (drums). They aimed to play some raw, fast and dirty rock ‘n’ roll. The result is a bunch of old-style heavy metal songs flavored with a pinch of raw rock ‘n’ roll that will bang your hand.

Unnecessary” their first album from an Italian band. The opening track “Cosmos” point us to what those guys want to do making seductive and groovy songs. Second song opening with a bass solo great, the old school hard rock. With. A great riff in “new Life” a Mötorhead look alike song… but not a copy off the real stuff. And again “Who We Are” great riff from Olly with a straight drum and so on! And the closing track: “The Glory of the Pillory” you can hear the fun they have to make this music. I can recommend this record who loves old school and hard rock.