King Diamond

Album Title: 
Dreams of Horror
Release Date: 
Friday, November 7, 2014
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A double CD collection of ‘King Diamond’ songs, newly enhanced into ultimate editions, will be released by ‘Metal Blade Records’ next month. King Diamond’s ‘Dreams of Horror’ is the only ‘best of’ album covering the band’s entire career. King Diamond and ‘Andy LaRocque’ meticulously mastered and enhanced these 23 songs into the ultimate editions, chosen by the band from both the Roadrunner and Metal Blade catalog.

Dreams of Horror will be available on November 11th.

Disc 1:  ‘The Roadrunner Years’

01. The Candle

02. Dressed in White

03. The Family Ghost

04. Black Horsemen

05. Welcome Home

06. The Invisible Guests

07. At the Graves

08. Sleepless Nights

09. Let It Be Done

10. Eye of the Witch

11. Insanity

Disc 2:  ‘The Metal Blade Years’

01. Dreams

02. The Spider’s Lullabye

03. Waiting

04. Heads on the Wall

05. Voodoo

06. Black Devil

07. Help!!!

08. Spirits

09. The Puppet Master

10. Blue Eyes

11. Never Ending Hill

12. Shapes of Black