Kings Destroy

Album Title: 
A Time Of Hunting
Release Date: 
Tuesday, May 14, 2013
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Kings Destroy is a new band with former members of Killing Time (famous NYHC band), Uppercut, Electric Frankenstein and Begotten and make pure sludgy riffrock inline with bands like Mos Generator, Spiritu , The Melvins, Goatsnake, Alice Donut and Sunnshine.

Their second album A Time Of Hunting is a high electrifying affair that is almost as rock as it is core, borrowing from the earliest amp/reptile and hardcore sounds as well as stoner rock and roll. The tracks are well constructed with layers of loud guitar, bass and drums that roll through the tracks smoothely.  They create different party levels of intensity all throughout the record; moving around from very melodic hooks into grittier passages. The vocals are perfect for the sound having enough melody to carry the songs, but also having a good amount of gritty attitude to make the A Time Of Hunting parts all the more convincing.