Lancelot Lynx

Album Title: 
No Time To Die
Release Date: 
Friday, November 7, 2014
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Lancelot Lynx started playing covers all over Ireland in 2005. They did some lineup changes and Kupper found his team in drummer J-Roz and guitarist Michal Kulbaka. Kupper and Roz are the composers of some original songs! They issued a five song, self titled EP in 2010 and now serve up their full length debut “NO TIME TO DIE”. Amazing Radio (London, UK) has chosen them as “track of the week” with the songs “7th Circle” and “Drifter” and has referred to them as “Classic metal monsters from Ireland”. “We Live The Life” is the first track of the album, goosebumps all over, heaviness blows up my mind. (if you understand what I mean, English like Louis Van Gaal ).

We can speak about a “catchy chorus” if you listen to the song “Fast Way”. “Real bastard” (hard driving grind) needs a head banging crowd and I’m sure you’ll play air guitar. “No Time To Die”, I like the album and when you heard “Drifter” and “7th Circle” then you’re definitely sold!