The Last Warning

Album Title: 
Massacre Records
Release Date: 
Friday, June 28, 2013
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The band started out in Austria as Last Warning and released their first two albums under this name, but later on they had to change it to The Last Warning in 2009, due to an Italian band that had the same name.

Apart from that this band has had nothing but success. A milestone for the band was surely during the summer of 2007 when they were invited as headliner for a tour in Indonesia. As the first metal band ever, they toured Bali, played the Headbangers in Hell Festival as well as club shows in Jakarta.

But apart from a self praising bio, I couldn’t find a lot more info about these chaps. Back in Europe, the band played several shows in Austria and Eastern Europe before they withdrew to write songs for new albums. And later this month we can expect their latest creation entitled “Progression”. And I must say that it is a gem. It’s an amazing mix of talent and just the right combination of trash and melodic metal. Just a brilliant record that sounds like a combination of Devil Driver, Caliban and As I Lay Dying. Something you must hear if you are into this genre?