Latitude Egress

Album Title: 
To Take Up The Cross
Release Date: 
Monday, October 27, 2014
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With a name like that you would think LATIDUDE EGRESS is a progressive metal outfit…. But no  we’re actually talking a one person – funeral- Doom band,  with guitar work showing some Black metal characteristics, no guttural but clean monotone vocals  ensure that listening to the album also means taking a bath in misanthropy and darkness…   “ To take up the cross“ has no particuluar songs that sticks out  not is a extreme positive wy nor in a negative way.  “To Take Up the Cross When Through It You Can Win a Kingdom“ or  “To Reap the Flame With Fingers and a Tongue” or any other of the 7 offerings all of them are anthems for those who like to  dwell in the darker rooms of the mind.