Album Title: 
Hardcore Lives
Release Date: 
Friday, June 27, 2014
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Madball is a New-York hardcore band founded in the late 1980s as a side project of Agostic Front. After 8 different drum players 1 bassist en 2 guitar players are this the current members; Freddy Cricien – vocals (1988–2001, 2002–present) / Hoya Roc – bass (1993–2001, 2002–present) / Mitts – guitar (2002–present) / Mike Justian – drums (2011–present).

After making seven studio albums presenting “Hardcore Lives”. In history of the band are there many changes. Many people left the band but they don’t forget their roots. You can feel the power in the songs on this album. I think this is something that is a must on every cd an Intro…but this one is not a bad instrumental piece nice riffs and drums. And waiting for the title track…and yes this one explodes, a really true Madball-song. In “DNA” the fifth song on this album you can hear that they know how to set their trademark with screaming guitars and the shout voice of Freddy Cricien. This album contains really power numbers but there is not one can say this one is it; But all by all not a bad album, if you like hardcore just by this record. If you want to start with hardcore try an earlier album of this guys.