The Megs

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Friday, June 27, 2014
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The Megs are a hard rock quartet from Italy.  So far they’ve released a full LP ‘Jealousy’ in 2011 and an EP ‘Start’ in 2013..  So this is their second full album.

As a matter of fact calling them a hard rock band is hurting the truth, because it is  quite difficult to categorize their music in a particular genre.  They really have a sound of their own, that is very hard to compare to other bands.  Let’s say they play rock’n’roll, but with many angles. At times they almost sound like D.A.D., but on the next song they almost sound poppy.

Yet despite not having a – let’s call it common – sound, tapping from such diverse influences, this band has it’s qualities.  The songs are catchy, and well performed.  Federico Travaglia’s voice  may be not extraordinary, he has a pleasant sound, and never annoys. To put it bluntly : this is a band that deserves more attention, but in this hard musical climate I’m afraid they will go by unnoticed, except by a few intimi, or people who are really searching for something special.