Memory Garden

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Friday, April 12, 2013
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As the name of this Swedish band implies, Memory Garden are more than a little familiar with Trouble. Memory Garden was found in 1992 in Sweden and have since then released four albums, two of them under the flag of Metal Blade Records Doomain is the fifth album by Swedish doom/heavy metal band Memory Garden.

I am not familiar with their previous outputs, and so whatever progression they may have shown here is lost to me. What I can observe, however, is that Memory Garden is a somewhat anonymous blend of Candlemass, Nevermore, Tad Morose, TNT and Dream Theater. The guitar work by Simon Johansson together with Stefan Berglund’s voice, which would fit the description of rough silk almost perfectly remains one of the band's strongest points, as it displays great ability for engaging, semi-melodic/melancholic riffs and leads. Does this make Doomain a bad album? Not really. If you can't live without what prementioned bands have been up to in the past couple of decades, then you should enjoy this album. On the other hand, if you like personality, originality and creativity, it is probably best to spend your money on something worth your while.