Album Title: 
Dead Empires
Release Date: 
Monday, January 28, 2013
Review Type: 

Usually I have a hard time with sludge music, and especially the ongoing flood of sludge metal bands is more than I can take. But Moghul (great name) do manage to capture my attention. At a first glance, the two songs don’t sound too spectacular, but the more time you spend with them, the more fascination evolves from this psychedelic doom foursome. Attentive listening reveals how multi-layered the music actually is. The CD contains 2 long tracks running between nine and thirteen minutes and subsists on countless mood swings. On the tracks “Hidden hand” and “Dead empires” these boys lay down a wicked, corroded chugging sound that will have you thinking The Melvins and Neurosis with a bit of the experimental drone feel of Sunno and Ocean added in, but rolled around in the sonic sludge as fellow UK’s Electric Wizard, Conan, Iron Monkey,… Nevertheless the songs contain surprisingly many pace changes, which guarantee the necessary variety such a long work needs. Add to this an atmospheric psychedelic component that has no difficulties generating a hypnotic effect. The overall sound is full and well balanced and there is an agreeable warmth and crackle to the guitar distortion which gives the record an electric, alive aura.

The Moghul sound should be really favourable to today's metal market. And if you’re into The Melvins, Neurosis, Sleep, Earth, Sunno, Conan, Electric Wizard and the likes, you will most certainly find a lot to savour with Dead Empires.