Monster Magnet

Album Title: 
Last Patrol
Release Date: 
Monday, November 18, 2013
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After waiting again 3 years en new record from Monster Magnet with frontman and founder Dave Wyndorf. I was expecting a more powerful number with more content to open the cd. The title track is much better more than 9 minutes ; trippy arrangement , psychedelic and great melodies. “Three Kingfishers” is a cover from Donovan (album Sunshine Superman) at the late sixties. Much variation on the cd; a garage-rock “Hallelujah”, bluesy “The Duke (of Supernature) ,a really heavy “end of Time” and to end en shillier “Stay Tuned”.

Last patrol goes back to the roots of the group. Early 90’s mainstream and modern metal sound. A record that refers to their success albums Dopes of Infinity and Power trip. Oh yes a great cover!