Album Title: 
Murder Death Kill
Release Date: 
Friday, June 29, 2012
Review Type: 

Murder Death Kill clearly explains what the band Mortillery stands for: thrash metal to the bone. Literally, to the bone, since they will definitely rip out your spine with their bone hard headbang provoking riffs.
For the Canadian thrash metallers of Mortillery it's all about one thing, which is aggression. This is no subjective statement I'm making, far from that actually. It's more of a fact, not only derived from their music, no way. The band's song titles definitely stand out when it comes to their shameless embodiment of violent behaviour. Songs such as Countless Suicide and Fritzl's Cellar are just some of the horrific titles that you in the correct mood instantly and don't need much explanation.

On Murder Death Kill, you can find a bunch of hellish and fast thrash metal riffs, pounding drums and all of this is impressively guided by the amazing voice of Cara McCutchen, a lady you don't mess around with unpunished. There's only one downside to the entire story: the music on Murder Death Kill is all incredibly safe, nothing risky at all. Well, that's not really a disappointment, taking it's a debut album for Mortillery.