Nasty Whores

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Nasty Whores
Release Date: 
Monday, June 30, 2014
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't Was in the last days of 2009, when lead guitarist Trixy TH and bassist Bobby Big Show decided to start what they felt would be the ultimate Glam Rock act. But finding the missing members with a same-like passion to make that dream come true, was something which would take quite a while.

Quite some auditions followed, but possibly because the band is based in Macerata (= ca 25 km S south from the coastal town Ancona, but 25 km inland from the Adriatic sea in Italy) they only saw the passing by of several angry teenagers and assorted wanker rebels, and our duo was actually starting to despair. It may have been that very same state of mind which, in the summer of 2010, pushed the guys into starting a wild fight after being annoyed by some drunk and insolent dude, a fight which was to involve the whole club they were at at the time. Then, when everything was over, Trixy saw, in the middle of all those evaluating the damage done, someone whose face was very familiar to him. It was Duke Q, an old friend whom had rocked the stages with him in a band from the past, a band named Hell Riders! After the usual heartfelt surprise of encountering each other again, the two sat down with Bobby, and started reminiscing old times, catching up on what each had been doin' since...when Trixy decided to tell Duke about the new project he'd started up with Bobby, and the troubles they'd been having finding the appropriate band members. Thoroughly excited, and without hesitation, Duke there and then offered his services as lead singer and additional guitarist. The two others accepted the offer immediately, convinced that they'd finally found part of the missing puzzle pieces that had been their line-up that far! Trixy then thought of Rob Rolex, former drummer with Hell Riders, mentioned him to the others, who agreed that he should go seek him out. That's exactly what happened, and Rob's reaction being just as enthusiast as had been Duke's, Trixy knew that the band now had its ultimate line-up indeed!

From the beginning, the band started writing original material, the basis of which came from old ideas that Trixy brought to the fore, ideas which were then reconstructed bit by bit through the accumulated experiences of the other members. A mere half year after the first rehearsals, the band was ready to play its first shows, complete with pyrotechnic theatricals! Then, in February 2012, the band releases its 4-track demo get On Your Knees, after a short time in the studio. It was enough to create a buzz around the band, getting great reviews from fans and magazines, and being the incentive for Greek record label Sleaszy Rider Records to offer the band a deal in April, a mere two months after the demo's release. Since then, the band's been working on this, their debut album.

The result is at the same time reassuring and somewhat disappointing...because what the band brings is both good enough to get noticed by the die-hard Glam and Sleaze Rock/ Metal fans, but hardly of a quality to bring the genre out of the slumps it's been in for the last couple of decades! One positive thing hàs to be said though : lyrically the band goes for a more polished style and, in spite of their suggestive monicker, leaves aside the sexual innuendo which is usually such a huge part of the Sleaze genre. Another positive thing is that the singer's Italian accent is only a faint one, and he gets some quite adequate backing from at least one of the other dudes. What this band could do with, is a some more splattering lead guitar work. That the band is capable of creating something quite acceptable, can be heard in the “Band Profile” section at (www.) (not complete address, so google it)! Still, there's room for improvement here...