Album Title: 
Rock’N’Roll Telephone
Release Date: 
Friday, August 29, 2014
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For the younger amongst us.  Nazareth is a Scottish band that was formed in 1968 in Dumferline. Their best known song is the 1975 cover of a ballad ‘Love Hurts’.  Although the name of original membe Dan McCafferty is till mentioned on the booklet as being the lead vocalist of the band, he has been replaced by Linton Osborne, leaving only one original member in the band in the form of Pete Agnew. This new album is actually their 23rd studio album. You can hear that this band scored most of their success back in the seventies, because their sound is very reminiscent of what they brought us in that period, although is has become somewhat more modern also.

I’ve never been that fond of Nazareth, and this new album won’t make me change my mind I’m afraid.  Not that it’s a bad album, there sure are some songs I like, like the title number, which reminds me a bit of ZZ Top, but to put it in culinary terms, it doesn’t really tickle my taste buds, lacking a bit of ‘zing’.