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Friday, November 15, 2013
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Every so occasionally, a kid's dream comes true, and this can certainly be said of little Sebastian BazTvedtnäs, whom dreamed of fronting a band performing his music in front of thousands of screaming fans. Not one to just dream away doin' nothing about it, he joined forces with one of his classmates whom had the same dreams, and together they founded NiteRain in 2006!

That dream of Baz's...well, it already came true alright! You see, since 2010 the kids have gradually played more and more small tours and shows, and along the way got to do support slots for the likes of Backstreet Girls (Norway), The 69 Eyes (Finland), Crashdiet (Sweden), and American Glam Rock/ Metal legends Pretty Boy Floyd and L.A. Guns. In fact, the latter invited NiteRain to join 'em on their 2011 Scandinavian tour, and the guys didn't think twice about packing up their gear and indeed, doin' that tour in a most professional but also fun way! So impressed were the veterans that they also invited NiteRain to join 'em on their 2012 European tour. Meanwhile, the Scandinavian tour had already opened other doors and opportunities, and among other things resulted in a demo recording of their debut album with Swedish guitar guru and TNT frontman Ronni Le Tekro as their producer. Meanwhile, the European tour (which ran through 7 countries from April 19 to May 6) became quite a success, with NiteRain not only getting raving live reviews, but also breaking hearts wherever they came through. September 2012 saw the release of the band's debut single “Dirty”, which was celebrated with several short Norwegian headlining tours in August, September, and October 2012. While 2013 saw the band stay within their own Norwegian's borders (except for one show in Stockholm, Sweden), NiteRain nevertheless played a grand total of 40 shows, and got themselves a two-page feature in Norway's Metal Hammer magazine, whom also chose the band as part of a list of “bands we believe in”. Somewhere along the line they also recorded a “decent” version of their album (again with Tekro), and as a taster to that released their second single “Judgement Day”.

So, what can you expect of this album? Obviously, by now you've understood that you're dealing with a band in the “Glam” circuit, right? Well, give that a nice-boy Sleeze touch because of the occasionally “naughty” lyrics. Then, call the music itself energetic Hard Rock, and combine that with the lyrics to make for a Sleeze Rock boxing of the guys! Expect the music to be quite melodic too, with the guitar geared in the first place towards catchy riffs (and nevertheless some short solos thrown on top – ach, ain't recording can do all kinds of things in overdub which you cannot do live, innit?) and the medium-high pitched lead singer capable to attain that occasional high note, as well as frequently backed in rather harmonic way. In essence, this is good-fun make-out music! You can listen to a couple of songs at (www.), and there's a possibility that there's more at the band's MySpace page (couldn't check that out, you know)!