Nota Amara

Album Title: 
At The Line
Release Date: 
Tuesday, March 11, 2014
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Nota Amara is a band that hails from Novocherkassk a city that is situated in the Rostov region in Russia.  And although the song titles are in English, the vocals are in Russian, a language that I have not mastered until today, so she could just as well be singing about how to cook borsjt, a Russian soup, as reciting the manual for a video recorder, anyway I don’t understand a jota of it.

Besides this, they have delivered a good  debut album. The vocals although I don‘t understand what they are singing, are crystal clear, miss Natalia Kononova has a sort of husky voice, and has probably had some classical training, as she at times sings like an opera singer. They also extensively use keyboards and even piano, as might somewhat be expected in melodic progressive metal, but it’s not hurting the music in a bit.  There are lots of tempo changes in the songs, and the songs themselves also show a great diversity. A very good album, let’s hope they soon get a deal with a record label so that this album can get a better distribution.