Notti Del Terrore

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Friday, May 24, 2013
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This Industrial Metal act was formed in 2007, after singer KVN (also known as Kevin) and bassist Wim of Antwerp based Groove Metal act Tud Russel decided they not only wanted to head in a more brutal and heavy direction with higher pace and aggression levels, but also in a more diverse one. With their then current band, such a thing turned out to be impossible, and in fact later that same year TR split up.

With KVN picking up the rhythm guitar (and later also doing some occasional lead guitar), the antagonists of our story went out in search for a suitable lead guitarist, and soon found that person in Guy, formerly of Angeli Di Pietra. Starting out in some garage, and then moving on to a proper rehearsal room (which the band dubbed The Rhythm Cage), the trio set to composing its own songs, and soon enough had enough material for a first release. The band was still lacking a drummer, but KVN found a solution to that by programming a drum computer, and adding some samples. The band liked the resulting solid Industrial sound so much, that they decided to continue as a trio, aided by a drum computer. The guys then convened in KVN's home studio The Game Room, first to record a demo (which they only used as a tool to get gigs), then its debut EP 3-TR-DIY, which was self-released in 2010.

Following several months of preparation in late 2010 and early 2011, the band again entered the studio to record their full-length debut MX D35TRX10N, released in May 2011 to some raving reviews from the Belgian and Dutch media. Working towards the release, the band also finally erected its own website (www.) nottidelterrore (previously operating from their old band's site), and were therefore able to post the reviews there for the public's scrutiny. “Hard”, “”fast” and “relentless” were words used quite frequently in those reviews. So positive were the reviews, that the trio did not tally too long to start writing new material for a sophomore album. In fact, by October of 2011 the guys already had 7 songs ready, and were thinking of two more before again starting to record.

Well, the magic number 9 was reverted to an 8 (the amount of songs on the album) and, acting on a general comment that the band's main flaw was that they worked with a drum computer, the original trio eventually found the human drum machine known as Fré (capable of, in their own words “...delivering the same amount of punch, speed and tightness as required...”). Work on the album started immediately, with additional fleshing out of the compositions in the process...but was not that swiftly finished. In fact, the mixing was redone twice, as the now very self-critical band only wanted the best possible sound...and got it, judging from what I can hear! The band is not afraid to name Fear Factory as one of its main influences (other bands being Strapping Young Lad, and Ministry...but actually the list goes on), and as truth might be told, NDT can definitely size itself up to the better part of FF's output! The singer (and the backing vocalist) is capable of putting in quite some aggression in his occasionally relatively clean vocals, but even in the cleaner moment ads quite a punch to 'em!

For some blistering audio on the band, consult the band's website : via the “Listen To Havoc” icon you can get to SoundCloud postings of Havoc's songs “Summoning Tchernobog” and “Fixless”, alongside an third song (nót of that album). More material, but again older, can be found at (www.), and there's a video (the band's first) to be found in the blogs. A video can also be found when you scroll down on the band's facebook page (link at their own site), but I ain't sure if that ain't the same (didn't have time to check...sorry!). Great stuff this, and as I àm a lover of Industrial Metal...