Album Title: 
Harm Starts Here
Release Date: 
Monday, June 24, 2013
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It may be true that it is nowadays rather hard to produce something entirely innovative in the heavy sludge genre, but some bands still deserve some special attention. As in the case of Palehorse, a UK band that has been around for over a decade. A major thing that sets Palehorse apart from the majority of genre bands is use of no axe guitars whatsoever, but instead they ad two four stringers.. The noises emanating from the four’s collective subconscious can best be described as sludge- noisecore, but there are doom, post and amp/reptile elements in the gloomy depths of their Harm Starts Here-album. The 7 tracks comprise heavily distorted bass guitar and punching drums over screamed vox, particular on the standout tracks “What is wrong with you people” and the brutal Melvins-like “Bird feed”.

The nearest comparisons I can find for Palehorse’s music have to be Fudge Tunnel, Godflesh, EyeHateGod, Unsane, Totimoshi, Slint, Hammerhead, Fugazi,…