The Real Danger

Album Title: 
Work It Out
Release Date: 
Friday, March 15, 2013
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I made my acquaintance with this Dutch Pop Punk band some 3 years ago at the opportunity of the release of the band's 2nd album Making Enemies (review posted 23/05/2010, and still available for your fact-finding scrutiny in this same website's "Archive" section), and I daresay I had a nice time getting to know 'em, even if the album only made 80/100 in my rating system.

Now, I wish I could tell you what happened to the band during the last 3 years but, info failing, I'm afraid I cannot comply to that urge of mine. Actually, the only real news have is that The Real Danger was included on Converse's second mixtape (released for free pick-up in stores in the second half of 2010), alongside such acts as Bettie Serveert, the Black Box Revelation and Tim Knol, and got some nice free shoes in the swap. For Shied Recordings' 50th release, the band recorded two songs for a split 7-inch with new Dutch Punk Rock The Windowsill (who nevertheless have some familiar faces with former and current members of The Apers, Marien Nicotine, Jerry Hormone and Ivo Backbreaker, and put out their self-titled debut album in 2011), which was released in early February 2013, and nót sent out to our attention...which is understandable, as only 500 copies were made! With a line-up which hasn't changed since their last album, The Real Danger recorded 11 new tracks and a cover of 3's “Swann Street”, and then realized a wet dream of theirs by having the whole mixed and mastered by Stephen Egerton, known from his past collaborations with Descendents and All, two acts which feature high up in the list of TRD's influences!

One song off the album (and the two on the split 7-inch) can be found at (http.//) The album opening track “Work It Out” (probably the same, and I'm hereby apologizing for not having been able to check) can be found at (www.), alongside two older songs, and even more older songs can be found at (www.) Check it out, if you're into Melodic Punk Rock! And allow me to rate this album a little higher than the previous one!