Album Title: 
Sputter The Worms
Release Date: 
Friday, June 28, 2013
Review Type: 

Reverted from UK London, came together in 2010. Playing metal current members are: Tony Vega (Vocals), Daniel Ruiz (Guitar), Lui L Valle (Bass) and Ozzy Preciado (Drums)

After one Ep in 2011 and one single in 2013 their debut LP “Sputter The Worms”. The opening title track sets the sphere in a nice grooved old metal CD. Nice Guitar riffs from Daniel Ruiz with a straight drumset, but the voice is not the best sometime too thin to come out the song and tell the story. But one of my favorites “Don’t Try To Steal Me From The Inside”: again a nice headbanging rhythm nice bass drive but the voice is not mature enough many time understandable. “Die My saint” nice and interesting drumwork from Ozzy Preciado with a nice groovy guitar riff. Not bad this debut CD but there are some detail to handle and make it more. Let this band grow and wait a couple years and listen their next album in the future. To be continued…