Album Title: 
King Of The Lapiths
Release Date: 
Friday, May 13, 2016
Review Type: 

Once in a while I want to keep it simple, short, to-the-point. Right now too I am not going to deep within bio, history, background, whatsoever. Please welcome Germany’s Sømerset, a four-piece consisting of Nadine (vocals – not really of the operatic kind), Daniel (drums), Marvin (guitars and vocals) and Michael (bass). Welcome and goodbye, for apparently this releases seems to be the last effort by the band (???)…

Released on vinyl in an edition of 666 copies, crystal clear, by the way…

Six pieces of unstoppable and violent Grind-Punk, once again created to splash the human brain, and once again quite successful in their aim… But once again once again once again brought the most distinctive, unique way. This material combines quite simplistic Punk / Grind anthems, based on anti-melodic riffs, minimal yet hammering rhythms and ugly screams, shouts, yells and throat-vomiting. Indeed that’s the essence of Sømerset’s Anti-Music. But already with opener Torned Sphere you’ll notice that there’s more going on. Besides the primitive execution of this band’s raison d’être, you’ll have to deal with actually a great melodic intermezzo, and whether you like it or not: it’s beautiful, aha! Short attacks like Thread Of Patience or Ixion also breathe that nasty right-in-your-face mentality, but then again a piece like Ill-Defined, being quite longer (3:34, can you imagine) gets injected by a melodious guitar drone, even hypnotic in essence, and WTF but this shows crafts(wo)manship. Most remarkable is that this song slowly evolves into the chapter called Synesthesia, which closes this EP – a swan song, sung by hoarse swans… But this is Post-Drone supremacy that wouldn’t do wrong in certain milieus where mesmerizing guitar experiments prevail on rapid sonic violence.

So, it’s easy to conclude that King Of The Lapiths has something that exceeds the ‘average’, despite some main basics rooted into the most simplistic and minimally executed brutality of aural aggression.