Sabbatic Goat

Album Title: 
Imprecations Of Black Chaos
Release Date: 
Monday, March 31, 2014
Review Type: 

Imprecations Of Black Chaos is a demonstrational recording by a pretty young band from new Zealand. It can be considered some kind of introduction to the upcoming split with Trepanation (another act from new Zealand), which will be done as well via Canada’s Vault Of Dried Bones.

First of all: the quality of production. It sucks! I really need to put the level louder, much louder, to hear what Sabbatic Goat are doing. And besides, the mix (read: relationship in between the different actors) is pretty pathetic. I do not know if it is my specific copy, but I am afraid it goes for the whole recording sessions.

Secondly: the songs. They do NOT suck at all! Sabbatic Goat perform a pounding, rather ritual and hypnotic form of Black Metal with a very varying tempo (several blasting eruptions interfere with ominous Doom-laden passages) and an oppressing, abyssal and chaotic atmosphere. This material is of a mostly necrotic kind, almost perverse in its enthusiasm. It surely reminds me to the Australian scene (what a surprise, ha!), though it surely sounds timeless and universal too. Yes, that does mean a lack of originality too, but who gives a f*ck anyway nowadays about being renewing. I do not either.

Thirdly: Imprecations Of Black Chaos ends with the Black Witchery-cover Into Damnation Eternal (from their Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom-album), and this re-adaptation sounds rather successful. So, let’s have a conclusion: this demo is not recommended, if only it were because of the unforgivably bad sound. But if this is a foretaste for more nastiness to come, I can hardly wait to have their new stuff penetrating my eardrums. A better sound is a necessity, for the performance qualities are present for sure. Be warned…

[the score beneath is influenced by the production; it could have been more exciting if…]