Album Title: 
Delusions of Grandeur
Release Date: 
Monday, October 28, 2013
Review Type: 

Whoever SAHG are, they’re good at it. Good at peddling classic/heavy/prog/stoner metal they knock it off here with taste and unashamed panache which keeps most of these 8 songs pretty appealing. Norway is where they come from a part called Bergen to be exact and this happens to be their fourth album..

SAHG sound like a mix of Mastodon, Dio, Audrey Horne, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and a bit of Queensryche as well. Quite Sabbath-y too at the best of moments, the solos, the backing-vocals and choruses are often good and throw in a epic feel to a few as well. Bottom line: If you're a fan of the bands that influence SAHG, you'll really like this band, despite the fact that they're (thankfully) not just another carbon copy.