Album Title: 
Creator Of Chaos
Release Date: 
Tuesday, July 1, 2014
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I do not know whether Sahsnotas can be considered a Permafrost-side project, but fact is that both combos share a member. Anyway, under the Sahsnotas-moniker, there were two self-released demonstrational recordings at the very beginning of this century, called Creator Of Chaos and Kriegerblut, spawn onto the world in respectively 2000 and 2001. Both of them are compiled under command of the first demo’s title, Creator Of Chaos, after being digitally re-mastered, and with new artwork. Reason? Why having good material (with a message?) lost in oblivion? Or is it the resurrection of the band (I am not sure, but they might return as a full-line-up band???).

This album compiles, as said before, both demos, in historical and alphabetical order (though the latter isn’t but a coincidence of course; sorry, just a joke of mine…). Both demos stood for an ill and disfigured vision on humanity, translated via a grubby, sordid but ultimate furious Black Metal expression. Most of the material is pretty fast (though not of the ultra-blasting kind), and the rhythmic energy prevails on melodic structures. For being demonstrational recordings, the sound quality is acceptable, but not great. The vocals, for example (though they are magnificent in performance, believe me), are way too pronounced; the bass lines, on the contrary, are way too airy, especially when it comes to the first demo. With Kriegerblut it aren’t the bass lines, yet rather the drum patterns that sound thin and hasty.

Personally I preferred / still prefer the second demo, but since I think the first one is a gem, you might imagine etc…