Album Title: 
One One One
Release Date: 
Friday, June 7, 2013
Review Type: 

With crushing album after crushing album, somehow multi instrumentalist Munkeby and his blackjazz legion of lethal musicians demand of themselves to kick it up several notches every time they come near a studio. With this album the group attempt a shorter more vicious Ministry meets Painkiller meets Nailbomb-song style and the skill level displayed on triple One puts Norwegian Shining in the top category of their genre and also proves that this band has a lot to offer, especially if we consider that the constant shouting of vocalist (which reaches frightening levels on “How your story ends”) never becomes boring at any time. Not many bands can be as punishing, enjoyable, inventive and generally ass kicking as Shining. With the addition of a standout rhythm section, all parts of this machine stomp together in perfect synchronicity. The sound of the band's instruments burst through the speakers with brutal aplomb, and each song is woven together like a perfect tapestry of anger, frustration and celebration, cause One One One is the third and last in the Blackjazz trilogy.  Magnificently catchy tracks such as “I won’t forget”, “Off the hook” and my fava track “Walk away” that runs that gamut of a sing-along chorus, dazzling musicianship and perfectly harnessed chaos that really only Shining can achieve.

Showing absolutely no weakness, this album will keep the listener entertained from the beginning to the end.