Album Title: 
Disguised Vultures
Release Date: 
Friday, January 24, 2014
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Sister a Swedish hard rock/ punk/metal band. Formed in 2006 with JAMIE (vocals)TIM (guitar & backing vocals) RIKKI (bass & backing vocals) CARI (drums & backing vocals).

Disguised Vultures” the album id recorded with Martine Sweet and Linus Birbrant and features the previously released single “Sick”. A cd with heavy, raw sound and attitude.

A mix with metal and punk, first number “My Enemy” burst open from the beginning…an go on. Second their single “Sick” again a raw straight riff. Third number title track “ Disguised Vultures” great number again, great groove. I must admit I like this album the mix with metal and punk is great. We gone hear more from this Sister is great a sense of darkness that is intense and you want to hear more...