Album Title: 
Kill The Power
Release Date: 
Monday, January 27, 2014
Review Type: 

Although this is the fifth release for this UK band, I’ve never heard something of them before.

And quite a strange experience it was, listening to this album.  At first I heard some similarities with Living Colour, but the this moved to Faith No More, and then it moved on to God only might know which other bands. What they play is a mix between Heavy Metal, Nu Metal, hip hop, reggae and dub.  Which means their music is quite versatile, but despite this strange mix of musical styles, I liked it.  Which might sound strange, since another band that mixes different styles I’ve reviewed earlies (Cemetery Dance) did quite the opposite for me.

Not all songs are killers though, take ‘Ninja’ for instance, but I guess that’s due to the Korn-like guitars.  But the final verdict on this album is rather positive.