Steak Number Eight

Album Title: 
The Hutch
Release Date: 
Monday, March 18, 2013
Review Type: 

Steak Number Eight are a band who are comfortable with the style they produce which always makes for a solid and worthy listen and their new release is no exception

The album doesn't rely on outrageous time signatures, but rather lays down a groove and either doubles or halves the tempo to keep the song rolling along. They attack with a mid-tempo yet aggressive sound, infusing enough groove. Bludgeoning tracks like “Photonic” and “Rust” are alternated with up-tempo songs like “Black eyed”, the sludgy “Pilgrimage of a blackheart” and “Exile of our marrow”. Killer guerilla riffs that remind of bands like Baroness, Tool, Black Tusk and 16 create an energetic mastodon atmosphere which is certainly going to be appreciated by stoner/sludge fans but maybe also by Deftones disciples who can digest a lot of groove and vocals that tend to hardcore in their heavy mix. The length of the songs allow the band to really pull out the stops and go for variation in their composition. The changes in direction and mood are really great and not overused or forced. Worth checking out for anyone into this current style of metal.